Dr. Mitchell Kosheff, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist/Doctor Of Physical Therapy
Manual Therapy Certified Specialist
Diploma Graduate, Program in Fascial Manipulation
Certified Clinical Instructor
Licensed Massage And Bodyworker Therapist

Dr. Mitch Kosheff

Dr. Mitch Kosheff

Dr. Kosheff began his career as a Massage Therapist, graduating from the Allied-Chiro Medical Institute in 1990. New York State Massage licensure was taken and passed in 1991. Dr. Kosheff wanted not only work with a healthy population, but also wanted to help people with various pain issues. He chose to become a Physical Therapist as the profession of physical therapy blended well with his work as a massage therapist. After taking prerequisite courses, he was accepted into the physical therapy program at the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1992, graduating with his Bachelor’s in 1994.

Wanting to specialize in manual physical therapy, Dr. Kosheff entered into a program of study in manual therapy through the University at St. Augustine, St. Augustine, Fl., while working full time as a physical therapist blending massage and bodyworks into practice. The program involved specialized and advanced study of joint and soft tissue mechanics beyond what is taught to the non specialized physical therapy practitioner. Then, advanced and specialized testing and treatment methods utilizing joint mobilization and manipulation techniques were taught along with advance soft tissue mobilization techniques. Certification was conferred in 2002. Dr. Kosheff next entered into a doctoral program at Widener University, earning the “Doctor of Physical Therapy” degree in 2004. During the course of study at Widener, Dr. Kosheff became a Certified Clinical Instructor. Dr. Kosheff continues to take courses in advanced manual therapy. He recently became a Graduate of a Diploma program in Fascial Manipulation.

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