Dr. Kosheff does not participate with insurance. The fees are paid by the patient at the time of service.You will be provided with a receipt for service. You may submit a claims to your insurance company for any possible reimbursement; depending upon your insurance plan.

Why Does Dr. Kosheff Not Take Insurance?

Simply put, in network providers are not paid enough to treat one patient per hour. In order to cover overhead, large volumes of patients need to be seen. Unfortunately, the larger the volume of patients seen, the less attention paid to you, and the lower the quality of care. Also, the insurance companies tend to dictate or at least influence treatment. This is not how Dr. Kosheff wishes to practice, and this is not what you deserve.

Dr. Kosheff believes that effective care is time intensive and labor intensive. He believes that the time taken for highly skilled, hands on, one on one care is what makes the difference between resolving a pain issue and not. This also allows for faster than normal healing of injured structures. In order to be able to provide this level of care, it was necessary to be out of network and cash based. This also allows YOU to have greater control over your care, not your insurance company.

Rate: $120.00 per session

Fee for service is comparable with the average copayment one makes when going “in network”. In fact, there may be a savings! Compare the Value of What You Are Getting:

Dr. Mitch In Network Providers
Patients scheduled per hour 1 (Just You) 3-5+
One on One Time With Provider 1 Hour Up to 15 minutes
Visits Per Week 1 – 2 3
Average Number Of Treatments 2 – 4 * 12 – 18 *
Average Co-Payment $120 per session $30 per visit**
Total Average Out Of Pocket Cost $240 – $480 $360 – $540

* Some Conditions may require more visits
** Some Co-payments are more, some are less depending upon your plan

NOTE: In some cases you might pay more for services rendered by Dr. Kosheff, However, when you consider the value of what you get, it’s a bargain!


  • Exclusive One On One Care
  • Faster Recovery
  • Less Visits to the clinic
  • Possible Savings In Out Of Pocket Costs
  • Gains Made In Conditions That OtherProvides Have Not Achieved