Dr. Kosheff believes in a “HANDS ON MANUAL THERAPY APPROACH”. He has found that in the majority of cases, manual therapy MUST be applied BEFORE exercise can be effective. Joint and soft tissue mobility MUST be restored, biomechanical faults MUST be corrected, and binding of the connective tissue (fascia or myofascia) MUST be released. And, it is with the application of very specific and skilled manual therapy techniques that issues can be found and resolved. It is then that pain can be reduced or ceased, muscle firing patterns restored, and correct body mechanics and posture attained. It is then that exercise activities can be effective in increasing strength, stability, coordination, and maintaining a pain free status.

Dr. Kosheff believes in providing at least 1 hour of private, individualized one on one care. This allows you to have complete and undivided attention. The focus is exclusively on you. By allowing 1 full hour for each treatment session one on one, more time is spent to find and resolve the issues causing you to have pain. This is important as often times pain in one area is actually referred from an impairment in another area. This is especially true for patients with chronic pain conditions. Dr. Kosheff believes that it is important to take the time to trace through the body to find that actual cause of your pain.

When in clinics where the clinicians are treating 3-4 (or more) patients within the same hour, the clinician simply does not have the time to find and resolve the source of ones pain if the pain is actually referred from another area; or apply manual interventions. The clinician jumps from you, to another patient, then to another patient, then back to you. This is ineffective. In this model, patients attend at least 3 times per week for many weeks (or months), often times resulting in unresolved pain, use of pain medications, and sometimes surgeries. This is wasteful of your time, energy, and money (providing you have a co-payment or deductible).

By providing 1 full hour of individualized attention, Dr. Kosheff is able to address more issues found and allow your body the time to respond to the manual interventions applied. In this way, Dr. Kosheff is able to find and resolve most causes of pain within a just a few visits (1-6 visits with 2-4 visits being the average).

Dr. Kosheff believes that most patients do not need to be seen more than one time per week. On rare occasion, twice.

Dr. Kosheff believes that that majority of the time spent during treatment is in providing the hands on care that you would not be able to do on your own. He believes that once you have learned a home exercise program, that it is your responsibility to apply them on your own.