The Feel Better Offer – There’s No Risk To Try

Dr. Kosheff will not charge you for the first visit if he is unable to make an improvement/change in some aspect of your condition on the first visit! There is NO RISK to you to try me. Payment will be made only if I am able to effect some change at the first session. I challenge you to find any other provider that will make this kind of offer.


Dr. Mitch Kosheff – working on a patient

Details And Disclaimer


Improvement/Change in a condition includes, but not limited to:

1) A decrease in pain intensity, even if temporary. A decrease in pain, even temporary, indicates that the clinician is on the right track and that more sessions are necessary make more permanent gains. It also indicates that strengthening and stability activities may be needed to maintain the gains made. And, it takes time and consistency in exercise activities for the body to make the adaptation of increased strength and stability.


2) A change in the nature of the pain. For example, someone may describe the nature of their pain as being “sharp”. Then, after treatment, the pain is described as being “a soreness”, with the sharpness being gone. Soreness after treatment is common due to the breaking of adhesions in tissues. Also, soreness may ensue after enabling a restricted joint to move as that joint may have not been moving in that range of motion for a while and requires time to “re-adapt”. It also takes time for the muscles to relearn to function in the range of motion that was regained. The soreness due to the “working” of tissues and joints is common, normal, and temporary; lasting for up to a few days. However, this pain then dissipates with the original pain being reduced, or completely dissipated.


3) An increase in range of motion with or without a change in pain. For example; someone with lower back pain that onsets when they bend foreword to where their hands reach their knees. After treatment, they may be able to reach their ankles before the pain onsets. Their pain continues at their end range of motion, however, their end range of motion was increased/improved.

The above illustrates examples of improvements/changes in one’s condition. During the initial visit, measurements will be made documenting impairments found. As issues are found, they will be discussed with you. After treatment, measurements will be taken again to assess for any changes. Changes can be subjective (how you feel), or objective (what is measured).


It is important to note that an IMPROVEMENT in some component of your condition does not mean a CURE of your condition.

Unfortunately, it is not be possible for a complete cure of all pain conditions.

Pain conditions caused by a disease processes (ie: cancer, pain referred from organ issues, viral & bacterial infections, etc…) will not be helped with manual physical therapy.

While no one can guarantee a cure, I will make an improvement/change is some aspect of your condition at the first visit, or you will not charged for the session.

This offer only applies only to the first visit.

It is also important to note that physical therapists can not diagnose medical conditions/disease processes. And, at present, physical therapists can not order medical tests such as x-rays, MRI’s, CAT Scans, blood work, etc…

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