Dr. Kosheff is a very different type of physical therapy provider.

Dr. Kosheff uses an eclectic approach blending various forms of massage and bodyworks with advanced manual physical therapy techniques. Dr. Kosheff will take the time to massage and stretch tight muscles to reduce tension causing immobility and pain. He will use advanced manual therapy techniques to gently mobilize and/or manipulate stiff and restricted joints in the spine and extremities as well as to correct biomechanical faults. Dr. Kosheff will also utilize advanced techniques to identify and release restrictions in the connective tissue (fascia) which current research has shown to cause movement impairments and altered muscle firing patterns contributing to pain.

Dr. Kosheff will teach you easy to learn therapeutic exercises which you can do at home to strengthen and stabilize what Dr. Kosheff had corrected with his hands. These activities are custom tailored to your specific needs. They are designed for YOU to be able to prevent or dissipate any flare up that may occur on your own. In this way, you are empowered and can take control over your condition!

Dr. Kosheff will spend 1 to 1-1/2 hours with you at the initial visit to perform a complete and thorough examination, evaluation, and biomechanical assessment, along with a treatment.

Dr. Kosheff will spend 1 hour for follow up treatment sessions as needed providing private one-on-one hands on care.

It is the specialized training in manual therapy, combined with training in massage and bodyworks that allows Dr. Kosheff to find and fix issues causing pain that non manual specialist providers have not learned to identify or correct; which is how Dr. Kosheff can reduce or eliminate pain where other providers have not. This is also how Dr. Kosheff can resolve most issues in just 1-6 visits, with the average being 2-4.